Monday, October 20, 2014


Feeling 90s and feeling Halloween vibes are in the air. I recently went to a 90s event, so I purchased this velveteen crop top. Last minute outfit changes made me change my outfit completely, so I never wore it until now. When I was preparing for the 90s event, I made a bunch of tattoo chokers, so I'm finally wearing one of the many that I made. I paired these two 90s statement pieces with a plain black bodycon skirt and a denim shirt tied around my waist. I am also wearing thigh high socks and some black platform sneakers. The Halloween aspect of my outfit is obviously from my cat ears that I'm breaking out super late this October. I definitely need to wear them more before my time runs out.

A similar look:


Forever 21 crop top

Black skirt
$21 -

John Lewis knee socks
$13 -

H&M black shoes
$24 -

Black necklace

Lost ft. Muri - Lido

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