Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm Not The Only One

I feel like I'm literally always shopping at this mall now even though there's only one store I shop. Forever21 is my affordable go to store for anything trendy and today they had $7 skinny jeans, which I definitely couldn't pass up; that would be a crime. I went with a darker color palette today and focused on wearing this sweater from Sheinside that I purchased a few months back. It's pretty unique because the top says 'Champagne and Strawberries' on a solid fabric, then it breaks into a mesh bottom. I decided to tuck in the bottom half of the sweater today because I wanted the focal point to be the words on the shirt. It is very versatile and will be fun to style different ways. I put on my black sailor jeans that I bought at DDs Discounts. The shoes are from Love Culture and my jacket is Forever21. 

A similar look:

I'm Not The Only One

Forever 21 stretch jeans

Wet Seal oxford

Black Contrast Gauze Letters Print T-Shirt -

I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith

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