Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Christmas

It's randomly cold enough to wear sweaters and jackets, so I'm milking the moment for everything it's worth! I had to wear this H&M sweater I purchased from DDs Discounts for only $4.99 as a dress today! I purposefully bought it in a large for that very reason. I love how rich the color is and the material is incredibly soft and luxurious feeling. Since it is cooler outside, I thought my moto jacket from Forever21 would be the perfect outerwear to compliment this sweater. I also out on my tights that were extremely useful when I was in New York. I love how they're not completely opaque. My black lace up booties are always my go to boot for winter and they help elongate my legs. To accessorize, I put on a black floral crown and a beautiful burgundy lipstick.

A similar look:

Last Christmas

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