Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lay Me Down

I didn't spend much money on Black Friday, but I think I walked away with two statement dresses that I will wear the crap out of. I spent $11.50 on two dresses from Lulus. This dress is adorable and I love the fact that it has these cutouts and was only $5.50! The back cutout looks huge when you hold the dress up but I love how perfect it looks on my back. I'm a big fan of floral print so I knew I needed the dress. It helped that Lulus was sold out of every size except for mine. I love how it swings when I twirl. I'm also wearing my favorite black buckle booties and a floppy wide brim wool hat. I've been searching for a hat like this for a while and I was surprised when I saw one at work!~ I was able to buy this hat for $9,99.

A similar look:

Lay Me Down

Lace up boots

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

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