Monday, December 1, 2014


I love anything that involves food, which explains my outfit today. It's pretty simple, but still effective. I had to show off my new phone case that is in the shape of an ice cream cone. The banana shirt I'm wearing was purchased on Sheinside a while ago and I love wearing it to the grocery store and standing next to the banana stands. I've gotten a few laughs from people which brings me more joy than I want to admit. I love that it's longer than your typical crop top and hits me just above my hip bone. I put on my light denim skinny jeans that I bought at Forever21 for only $7.90! They are extremely comfortable and they have the right amount of stretch to make moving about in them easy. My shoes are a $5 purchase from DDs Discounts.
Oh yea, I also colored my hair! It's still not the color I want yet, but I want to give my hair a chance to breath. I used a platinum blonde at home hair dye and ended up with really uneven hair. It had patches of blonde, and patches of brown, as well as patches of varying orange. I then used Palty dye in Raspberry Macaroon, and it's slowly been evening out my hair (it's still pretty uneven). I want to eventually go to a browner shade, but I want my hair to rest. So far my hair still has it's usual curl pattern when I wash it, so I don't want to risk damaging it further. Hair masks have been my best friend these past couple of weeks.

A similar look:


Short sleeve tee

Levi s stretch legging
$100 -

Yeswalker canvas slip on shoes

Oxygen - Jesse McCartney

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