Monday, January 12, 2015

Motel Pool

I am a huge supporter of the oversize t shirt. I love how you can wear them on their own or with some sort of pants. Mine today is a 'Brooklyn' tee that features a cheetah print throughout the letters and and numbers. It's a minute detail but it definitely adds spice to the tee shirt. I love that the number on the shirt is 33 because I'm always a fan of numbers that end in, or are divisible by three. I also like the jersey detail at the bottom of the t-shirt because it's not something you see often and I like to mix materials when wearing a lot of the same color. I'm also wearing my garter tights that I ordered from Ebay. They were cheap, but they feel thicker and more sustainable than my more expensive tights. I'm wearing my combat boots just to add another texture to the outfit.

A similar look:

Motel Pool

Jeffrey Campbell leather booties
$195 -

Motel Pool - Travis Garland

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