Sunday, February 22, 2015


The struggle to find time to blog these days is real. Whenever I have a day free, I'm just going to shoot a couple of looks so I have them on hold. I am into simplistic and minimalist outfits these days. I'm wearing a white button up that is slightly too large on me. I like the bagginess of it and the fact that it makes it look effortless. I decided to wear some grey high waist shorts that have gold zipper details. I like that they look slightly distressed and worn in even though there isn't actually any rips in them. My booties are a patent cream color and have nice gold buckle details. I already owned white ones with silver details, but they are harder to style, so I definitely had to invest in this pair. The final piece of my outfit is this beige bowler hat that has flowers around the crown. I love how refreshing the hat is and it's kind of a nod to the nicer, warmer weather that is sprouting lately.

A similar look:


Sheer top
$28 -

H&M high rise shorts
$15 -

Monki cutout ankle boots
$56 -

Polishing gold jewelry
$31 -

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